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Air conditioning has become a necessity in today’s world. We rely on it during the hot summer months to keep our homes comfortable for our families and pets. It’s how we relax after a long day’s work and it helps to keep our homes comfortable and safe for our families. Air conditioners help us relax after a long day’s work and provide refuge from the sweltering sun and its heat.

Harsh outdoor conditions can take a toll on an air conditioning unit, so regular and routine maintenance is required to keep you one step ahead of Mother Nature!

AC Maintenance

Equipment failures occur unforgivingly and consistently on the hottest days of the year when demand is high and service companies are buried in breakdowns. The key to beating the summer heat is to perform annual maintenance on whole home air conditioning systems.

To ensure proper function of your homes air conditioning system our technicians perform complete system evaluations checking your systems performance and pointing out any lingering issues that need to be addressed. We’ll make sure everything is operating at tip top shape:

  • Tune Unit to Operate at Manufactures Requirements
  • Clean All Mechanical & Functioning Components
  • Test Amp Drawings
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Check Air Temperatures
  • Check Airflow & More

We’ll provide a detailed analysis of your system with repair recommendations. If repairs are needed, we’ll fix them on the spot at a discounted rate. Our technicians are always there to help you, no matter what you need!

Home AC Repair

Should the situation arise where your air conditioning system does experience an unforeseen failure, our technicians work tirelessly to make sure that you’ll be back up and running as quickly as possible.

We take pride in customer satisfaction because you are our priority. Our experienced technicians are capable and prepared to tackle any task at hand.

Our well stocked vans help us ensure we can deliver the quickest turnaround on every repair! At Climate Pros, we offer up front pricing to avoid any surprises.

You can even opt to receive text message when your technician is on his way with a photo of who will be at your door. This helps our families feel safe and assured as we arrive in our lettered and marked vans and company uniforms.

Services Available

With a combined 36 years of professional installation experience between owners, every customer concern disappears while our team ensures your new systems installation is top notch.

  • Furnace Repair
    • 24/7 Service
    • Holidays & Weekends
  • Furnace Installation
    • Detail Oriented
    • Quality Installations
    • Extended Warranties
  • Text Message SignUp
    • Notified of Technician
    • Track Technician Progress
  • Maintenance Programs
    • Complete System Health Inspection
    • Full Safety Ispection
    • Ensure Maximum Operation
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