Every family has their own needs when it comes to indoor air quality. Climate Pros carries a wide variety of products to make sure we’ve always got what you need.

Our team of indoor air quality will identify and fulfill the needs of your home in no time!

Bryant Indoor Air Quality Products

Specializes in indoor air quality products, offers a wide range of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, energy recovery units, fresh air systems and home filtration


Humidifiers inject moisture into the air and can be Humidifier options range from standard bypass, to fan powered and steam units. Paired with proper thermostats, humidifiers create ideal conditions within your home and can actually provide the following benefits:

  • Increases Comfort
  • Lowers Static
  • Aids Health & Protects Against Bloody Noses

Climate Pros also offers humidity set thermostats to lower temps in winter months. Humidity adds warmth to the air in the winter, which is much needed. Make sure you’ve got the right humidifier for your home!


Dehumidifiers remove unwanted humidity from basements, helps assist with equipment efficiency during summer months, and helps keep your family healthy by removing moisture from areas that breed bacteria.

Our dehumidifiers come with a higher capacity than those big box stores carry. Our units also have a longer warranty.

Dehumidifiers will actually remove the moisture from the air and can benefit many aspects of your home and family. As we all know a home that is too humid can have a bunch of problems associated with it such as mold and bacteria. Excessive moisture in your home can have a negative effect on not only your family but common household items like, drywall, and furniture

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ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation)

ERV units condition all of the fresh air that’s brought into your home. Today, new homes are so tightly constructed that adequate, fresh air is needed to keep your home safe and comfortable! Some home applications even require it on new construction.

ERV also assists with health conditions in your home. During the hot summer season, ERV systems pre-cool and dehumidifies your home, while humidifying and preheating during colder seasons. Overall, they improve your homes indoor air quality.


Climate Pros has a wide variety of air filtration options:

  • Standard 1’ Filter
  • 5’ Media Filter Cabinet
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Whole Home Air Purification Systems

Combination units assist with allergies, bacteria, dust and mold spores.

For ease of filter access and complete home filtration, your complete HVAC system should include an adequate air filtering system. Air filtration and purification makes for a healthier home by eliminating allergens, bacteria, and mold spores. This keeps helping to keep your family healthier and happier within your home!

Filtration is one of the most over looked areas of your heating and cooling system and it’s our goal to provide you with the best service and system possible. You deserve a filtration system that fits the needs of your family.

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