When traditional power sources are unavailable due to inclement weather, a generator is your saving grace. Generators are able power your home without the help of major utility companies.

When electrical service becomes unavailable due to wind storms or snow storms, natural gas generators are the backup you need to keep your home and family comfortable during these emergency situations.

Honeywell Generators

Honeywell generators provide a whole home, on demand power supply. You’ll never have to be without power, no matter how bad the storm, or how long the outage. Our generators guarantee your lights will be on and will keep the heat or air conditioning running; your refrigerator will keep going, and you’ll never miss that big game!

Keep your family safe and comfortable, or even be the neighborhood go-to when everyone else around is without power.

The Honeywell Appeal

Honeywell generators are cosmetically appealing and seamlessly blend in with the overall look of your home. A RhinoCoat, powder coated finish, protects against corrosion and wear in any conditions. They are durable and reliable, with a Generac G-Force Engine and 5-year limited warranty.

Sync Technology

Sync technology helps users monitor their whole home generators and track maintenance intervals to ensure the generator is in the optimal operating condition.

Mobile App Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring lets homeowners monitor the status of their generators from anywhere simply using a smartphone. While you’re on the go, you’ll never have to wonder if the power is on at home, because you’ll have full access to monitor your home at all times.

Load Management Technology

Load management is a function of a home backup power system that routes the appropriate amount of power to the circuits and appliances that need it most. Load management technology powers the entire home, instead of specific circuits.

The transfer switch directs power away from less “power-hungry” appliances (like a refrigerator) to more “power-hungry” appliances (like a central air conditioner) when needed. When those power-hungry loads are no longer needed, the transfer switch restores power to the less “power-hungry” circuits and appliances.

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